Favorite Foodie Finds

In my never ending quest to find new shiny kitchen and entertaining products I can’t live without and fascinating tidbits on the internet, I thought I would share with you some of my most recent favorite foodie finds.

Favorite Foodie Finds #1

1. Planning a camping trip and don’t want to be without your favorite coffee?  Take a look at this Voyager brew kit, it includes everything you need but the hot water. $125.00

2. How cute are these biodegradeable eco-friendly chalkboard spoons from Tulle and Twig!  Perfect for a ice cream party or a girl’s night in!  Tulle and Twig also has the forks and knives to this set.  Go to their site to check out all their adorable patterns, I promise you will want to buy them all! 20 Pieces ~ $8.00

3. How many of these words do you say correctly?  30 Commonly Mispronounced Food Words.

4. Do you struggle with making your pastry dough the correct thickness?  With this Joseph Joseph 100 Collection Adjustable Rolling Pin you will never roll uneven dough again. $29.99

5. Inspired by the classic southern icon, the Mason Jar, The Mason Shaker makes its home in Brooklyn, New York.  $29.00

6. Make your outdoor barbecues feel like you’re eating out on the range with this Dinner Bell hand made from Lightning Creek Forge. $35.00

7.  Dig that egg slicer out of the back of your drawer because Justin Chapple from Food & Wine is going to show you Why You Should Steal Your Grandmother’s Egg Slicer.

8.  Looking to add a new cookbook to your collection?  Take a look at Eater Spring 2014 Cookbook Preview.

9. Love jalapeño poppers?  The BBQ Guys have what you are looking for, a Stainless Steel Jalapeño Poppers Grilling Rack.  The grill rack keeps the jalapeño’s upright so they can be filled with your favorite tasty ingredients. $14.99

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