Favorite Buys

Sometimes my favorite buys are not things I bought at all.  In fact, they are items I received as a gift {somebody bought them, right?}!

Here are a few of my most recent favorites…

Favorite Buys 2 On our most recent trip to Napa, Handsome and I stopped in to the most adorable olive oil store, Lucero, located in downtown Napa.  The manager took us around tasting all the different olive oil and balsamic vinegars they produce.  We ended up buying this gift pack with several flavors.        Gift Pack $36.00

Favorite Buys 2 Ipad camera connection (1 of 1)When iPad’s first came out, I really wanted one.  The only thing stopping me from purchasing it was there was no way to download pictures directly from an SD card on to the iPad.  That has all changed thanks to this little device.  It is a Camera Connection Kit.   $29.00
Favorite Buys 2 Ipad  (1 of 1)

What can I say…I know, iPad’s have been out for more than 4 years and I just got one!  But, like I said earlier, I was waiting to be able to download my pictures to it when I was away.  iPad from $499.00Favorite Buys internet password logbook I love my new Internet Password Logbook.  I know people are always saying to never write down passwords. But, how does one keep track of them all?  If you keep this little book in a safe and secure place, when those little brain freeze moments happen you won’t have to redo your password…again!  $12.59Favorite Buys Mike's Hot Honey (1 of 1)Do you like food with a little kick?  Then have I got something for you!  The other day my favorite son brought me home some of Mike’s Hot Honey.  We have been trying it on all sorts of things.  My favorite so far is a crostini with goat cheese, thinly sliced apple slices, with the hot honey drizzled on top. $10.00

What are your favorite recent buys?


  1. WendysHat says:

    How fun! With the exception of the iPad stuff, since I am not a fan of apple things, I love all of your choices! That honey! Yum! After my recent trip to Italy I’m on the hunt for more gourmet olive oil because I was spoiled there. Finally yes I cannot live without my password notebook either so great choice!

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