Favorite Buys

Do you ever find yourself taking stock of your most recent purchases?  I can go days without ever pulling the “card” out of my wallet, then all of a sudden everywhere I turn, I’m handing that “card” out right and left!

Here a just a few of my most recent Favorite Buys…


Favorite Buys los poblanos lavendarWhen Handsome took me to the romantic Los Poblanos Inn & Organic Farm, he bought me a jar of culinary lavender to bring home with us.  I used it up very quickly and have always wanted more.  I finally ordered another one from their Farm Shop here.  It comes in an adorable reusable glass jar.  Culinary Lavender $12.


Favorite Buys hanging basketsI love my new galvanized wire baskets, I just purchased them from World Market a few days ago.  They are perfect place to store all my fruits and vegetables up and out of the way.  Aston Galvanized Basket $17.99 each


Favorite Buys paseo robles general store candleI picked up this incredible smelling candle while I was at the General Store in Paso Robles a few weeks back.  It’s petite in size and has a lid which is great for the times when you light a candle right before bed, when you blow it out you can place the lid back on and sleep safe and sound. Antique Clove Natural Candle $8.99

Favorite Buys flour sifter

I was in the need for a new baking sifter when I ran across this pretty patterned one at World Market.  I have never seen one with a cute pattern like this.  Can you tell I love this place?  This is the second item on this list I purchased at World Market.  6 Cup Spring Flour Sifter $9.99

What were your favorite buys recently?



  1. Lisa @ Grandma's Briefs says:

    I love the wire baskets! World Market has the greatest things.

    I must admit: I abhor the scent of cloves. Not sure why (related to a childhood incident seems most likely).

    My favorite purchase of late: A 10X magnifying mirror for the bathroom. Now I can when I put on mascara. Plus a whole lot of other things (wrinkles and errant hairs!) I was far better off not knowing were there.

  2. Anna says:

    OMG. World Market is DANGERous!?! LOVEs it!

    Thanks for the reminder…I need some lavender! Haha.

    I really haven’t bought anything tangible recently…just edible and enjoyable (aka reflexology). So, I’ll choose reflexology as my most favoritest thing I’ve bought! Haha

    🙂 Anna

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