Egg In The Middle

Egg in the Middle, is a childhood favorite of mine. I always looked forward to the special mornings my day would yell from the kitchen “EGG IN THE MIDDLE” is ready.  This is also one of the first things my father taught me how to cook when I was young.  Such wonderful memories.

Egg In The Middle broken yolk

My dad was an expert at making breakfast.  Weekend mornings, the kitchen was his domain.  I think he enjoyed all the oohs and awes my mom, brother and I gave him when we sat down at the table.  He could cook any type of breakfast from the very simple to the very fancy, like eggs benedict, which was reserved for birthdays or holiday mornings.  Egg in the middle is a now a favorite of my family too.  It looks impressive but, it is a cinch to make.

Here is how to do it!

1 slice of bread {any type you like, I prefer a sourdough}

2 teaspoon of butter

1 egg


1. Use a drinking glass to cut a hole in the bread {a juice glass works well}

If the bread breaks {like mind did}, don’t worry the white of the egg will keep the bread together.Egg In The Middle cutting

2. Place butter in a frying pan that is on medium heat to melt butter.

3. Place bread and cut out bread disc in frying pan.

Egg In The Middle in butter

4. Crack egg in the hole of the bread, add small pats of butter to bread.

Egg In The Middle cracked egg

5. Cook for about 2 minutes and flip bread with egg and bread disc to lightly brown.

Egg In The Middle flipped


Egg In The Middle done



  1. Laura says:

    This is still one of my daughter’s favorites! We call it “Egg in a Basket” and let her pick out which cookie cutter we will use to make the hole. Hearts and stars make great baskets.

    Love your stories and recipes!

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