So you’ve decided you want to do some outdoor entertaining!

The first rule to successful entertaining whether it’s outdoors or indoors is to let go of the idea everything must be perfect!  If you follow this one tip it will help you relax and enjoy your guests so much more!

Here are my eight tips for success:

ONE: A few fresh flowers and candles set all around the entertaining area will set that relaxed ambiance.  If you are able add a few twinkling white fairy lights through the trees or on a patio cover, that always makes the area looks great.

Easy Summer Outdoor Entertaining

TWO: Have a drink station outside with a few different appetizers so the guests can grab their own drinks and appetizers while you are greeting the arriving guests.  It’s also nice to have bottled waters and sodas for your friends who don’t drink or the DD.

THREE: Choose a menu that can be made ahead like this one and this one.  And what ever you do don’t make a recipe for the first time when guests are coming over, that usually does not end very well!

Easy Summer Outdoor Entertaining

FOUR: Buy your dessert, unless you are a pastry chef.  This one detail takes a little stress off you or if you have a fire pit s’mores always make a great dessert with little fuss.

FIVE: Provide a coffee and/or hot chocolate nightcap.  Brew some coffee and/or hot chocolate and provide liqueurs (Amaretto, Frangelico, and Baileys), flavored creams and toppers for the hot chocolate.

SIX: Make sure you have soft music playing in the background or if you have a record player encourage your friends to bring some of their albums to play.  It’s fun to see the different genre of music everyone listens to.

SEVEN: Have a few games like corn hole or ringtoss.

EIGHT: Keep it simple and enjoy the company you have invited over instead of running around to make everything perfect!

The best memories are the ones remembered with laughter!