Easy Fall Centerpiece DIY

There is a lot going on for several days before Thanksgiving, if you are hosting the Thanksgiving meal.  The last thing you need to think about is the Thanksgiving table centerpiece. This easy Fall centerpiece is so simple it will come together in about 5 minutes, really, 5 minutes and it could be made days, even weeks ahead!

Thanksgiving DecorHere is how I made this easy Fall centerpiece!

Mini orange pumpkins

  • Dried fruit ~ See how I made mine, here ~ This must be done days ahead
  • Indian corn
  • Fall gourds
  • Pinecones
  • Branches
  • Glass bowl or any type of vessel you have.

Step 1. Decide what container you will be using.

Step 2. When you go to the grocery store for your weekly shopping, pick up a few gourds, mini pumpkins, and a few pieces of indian corn (the indian corn will keep for years if stored in a plastic container with a tight fitting lid).

Step 3. Go outside and clip a few branches off a bush.  If you have a rosemary bush, that would be a wonderful mild scent to bring into your centerpiece.  If you have some pinecones pick several of those up too.  If you are like me, and have none around, go buy yourself a bag like I did at any craft store.  WARNING: Don’t. I repeat, DONT buy the scented ones.  You don’t want that strong scent competing with the wonderful aromas of a Thanksgiving meal.

Step 4. It’s time to assemble your centerpiece.  If you have a large low bowl, fill the bottom up with several pinecones as filler and then arrange the other items on top. Use whatever items you have access to that are the look of Fall, such as acorns, any nut in it’s shell (walnuts, brazil nuts, hazelnuts, etc.), and Mandarin Oranges spiked with cloves to name a few.

This is a fast and easy Fall centerpiece decor item that would look great on the Thanksgiving table if the vessel is a low bowl or on a buffet table if the container is a taller one like mine.  Have fun with this arrangement, whatever you put together will look great!

Happy Thanksgiving!



  1. Jackie says:

    Very pretty. Luckily I have no guests coming for whom to whip up centerpieces, LOL. Maybe I’ll do something similar with Christmas balls and pine cones, though. Seems easy enough (even for me).

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