Don’t Forget to Look Up in Vegas

Las Vegas is a very exciting place!

There are flashy and stimulating effects everywhere you look.

Just don’t forget to look up or you’ll miss out on a lot!

On my last trip to Las Vegas, Handsome had business meetings and I went along for the ride {I love doing this}.  Since I was going to be alone during the days and into the evenings, I decided I was going to see Las Vegas like I had never seen it before!  The first thing I decided was, I was going to walk everywhere I went {parking is a bear in Las Vegas}.  And since we were staying at the Paris hotel I had many wonderful Hotel Casino close by {although since the hotels are so massive nothing is a short walk}.

Las Vegas Paris Hotel Lobby

The Paris Hotel Lobby

I love the way the Paris Hotel Lobby Looks with all the massive chandeliers.  It is quite stunning and very regal.

The Bellagio Hotel Lobby

The Bellagio Hotel Lobby

My first stop after leaving the Paris Hotel was the Bellagio Hotel.

The chandelier that adorns the lobby is by renouned glass sculptor, Dale Chihuly. This glass sculpture that seems to go on forever is a breath taking vision of beauty.  The chandelier is named, Fiori Di Como and is comprised of 2,000 hand blown glass blossoms.

Las Vegas Bellagio Hotel

The Bellagio ceiling by the Botanical Gardens

I fell in love with this ceiling at the Bellagio.  I would love to reproduce this in my girl’s rooms.  It is so very sweet with all the nosegays and blue ribbons.

Las Vegas Forum Shops at Caesars

Caesars Palace Hotel

Caesars Palace is one  of those places that where ever you look you will find something interesting.  I’m amazed at the detail work on this elaborately painted ceiling.

Las Vegas Forum Shops at Caesars

Las Vegas Forum Shops at Caesars

Ceiling detail in the Forum Shops {there is great shopping here}.

Las Vegas Forum Shops at Caesars

More from the Forum Shops at Caesars

These are just a few of the ceilings that are definitely worth looking up for!

Next time you go to Las vegas, don’t forget to look up!

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