Doffo Vineyards

It’s Winery Wednesday!

Todays winery is located on the Northeast border of Temecula Valley.

Doffo Vineyards

Doffo Vineyard barrel sign

Doffo Vineyards is not like any other winery Handsome and I have ever visited.  It is a uniquely charming boutique family owned winery.  The winery is built around the former site of a historic schoolhouse.  The original school, know as the The Hyatt school was build in 1898.  The Doffo family took tireless efforts to restore the old schoolhouse, but sadly, due to the extensive damage over the years it was not able to be restored.  The old schoolhouse will forever remain alive in the Doffo Logo.

The wine tasting room.

Doffo tasting area

There is a lovely covered outdoor area to enjoy a glass of wine.

Doffo outdoor seating

Not only is Doffo known for its micro-boutique wines, but also for its extensive vintage motorcycle collection.  Even visitors who do not like motorcycles are impressed with the Doffo family collection of over 100 motorcycles.  Make sure you visit the Moto Barrel Room and take a peak.

Doffo moto barrel room

When Marcello Doffo was young, he fell in love with racing and before he knew it he found himself collecting rare and unique motorcycles.  Today he still races and is still collecting.  Below are just a few of his motorcycles.

Doffo barrels and motorcycles

And now for the vintage motorcycles in the barrel room.  There are motorcycles lining the top of the walls all the way around the room.  I love the collection of Vespa’s and scooter type bikes.

Doffo inside garage

Doffo motorbikes

While Handsome and I were looking at all the motorcycles, there was a gentleman also looking who was in total awe of these bikes.  He kept pointing at different ones and gasping at how he could not believe they had so many rare and expensive motorcycles.

Doffo Vineyards is like no other winery!  Where else would you see one of these old fashioned bikes amongst wine barrels?

Doffo wine barrel

Doffo Vineyards

36083 Summitville, Temecula, California 92592

Phone Number ~ 866.4myvino


  1. Suzanne Gray says:

    Lovely place and those motorcycles are amazing. It relaxes me just to look at your pictures, which I sorely need right now with a couple of deadlines approaching. Thanks for sharing!

  2. Doreen McGettigan says:

    I love, love the motorcycles! I collect miniature bikes and motorcycles. If I could afford to and had a place to keep them I would so collect them too!
    I know I say it every week this one is my favorite now:)

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