Diddy Riese, Ice Cream Sandwiches in Los Angeles

  If you live within driving distance, or will be traveling to Los Angeles anytime soon, you love cookies and ice cream.

You must go to Diddy Riese.

Diddy Riese~3 Flavors

Sadly, there is only one location.  Luckily (for UCLA students), Diddy Riese, ice cream sandwiches in Los Angeles, is located in the heart of Westwood. Diddy Riese has the most unbelievable cookies, when I go, I always buy a few dozen of their cookies and stick them in the freezer, way in the back so it’s my own little secret stash.  The problem is it’s hard to eat only one!

Cookies at Diddy

They also have wonderful brownies, and Hawaiian saved ice.

But, the piece de resistance, the crowning glory, the yummy in my tummy has to be the ice cream sandwiches.  There is something that happens when you combine Diddy Riese’ wonderful cookies with ice cream, the flavor combinations are endless.

Check out all their flavors here.

My favorite is the candy cookie with expresso chip ice cream.  I love any coffee ice cream, especially theirs.  What is your favorite cookie and ice cream combo?

Diddy Reese M&M coffee

Chocolate chip cookies with mint chip ice cream?

Diddy Riese Mint Chip

Or… sugar cinnamon cookies with espresso chip ice cream?

Diddy Reese espresso chip

The great thing is, you can choose two different cookies on your ice cream sandwich!   I think I will try a chocolate chip cookie and a white chocolate macadamia nut cookie with cheesecake chunk ice cream next time! Yum!

Diddy reese Menu

 Diddy Riese has the best deal around.  Their Ice Cream Sandwiches can’t be beat in taste or price.  With the hot weather fast approaching get to Diddy Riese soon, before the wait line is around the block.  Bring cash with you, they don’t accept credit cards.

See you in line!

Diddy Riese Store Front

Diddy Riese

926 Broxton Avenue

Westwood, CA

(310) 208-0448

Disclaimer:  I am not sponsored or affiliated with Diddy Riese. I am a girl who likes to eat and are giving you my opinion.


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