Daou Vineyards

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Daou Vineyards

Daou Winery entrance, paso robles

There is nothing like enjoying a excellent glass of wine, except if you are enjoying that moment over looking a spectular view.  That is exactly what you get at Daou Vineyards, in the exceptional wine country of Paso Robles, California.

As you drive up the two lane road to Daou mountain, you have no idea of the beauty you will be soon enjoying.

Daou Winery onyx tasting area

The tasting room, also known as the tasting room in the sky, in itself is stunning.  The tasting bar is made of onyx and lit to perfection showing all the beauty of such a magnificent stone.Daou Winery wine pour Their wine is excellent, our taste buds are very happy.  Handsome and I purchased a nice little collection for ourselves and have been enjoying them ever since we have arrived home.

Daou Winery fountain

The grounds that surround the tasting room are impressive.  Everywhere you look is stunning.  I think I could have sat on the rim of this fountain, stared at the breathtaking view and listened to the water all day…as long as I had a full glass of wine.

Daou Winery places to sit  Seating is plenty outside as well as inside with a wide variety of areas to choose from.  I can only image how lovely it would be on a crisp Autumn evening to sit in front of anyone of their many fire places enjoying a glass of their superb wine.

 Handsome found his favorite spot as I photographed the winery.

Daou Winery favorite place   I love the day bed and adirondack chairs under this large tree.  How wonderful it would be to spend a lazy afternoon enjoying the striking view?

Daou Winery  Bocce Ball Court  Not in the mood to relax?  How about a friendly game of Bocce Ball?

Daou Winery spectacular view

If you are in the Paso Robles area this is a winery you don’t want to miss.

Daou Vineyards

2777 Hidden Mountain Road, Paso Robles, California, 93446



  1. Vanessa Leigh says:

    What a stunning setting! I absolutely want to be there right now! I love your blog! Have you gone to any organic or natural processing wineries in Southern California? Wonderful post!

  2. Tammy says:

    I have been there and can attest to the fabulous accuracy of your post. I was ALL over that day bed …. for hours. Some people have no shame. Haa!

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