Confetti ~ italian Ice & Custard, Costa Mesa

Confetti  Root beer Ice with vanilla custard(2)Looking for a dessert that’s not ice cream or yogurt, but still has that cool smooth sensation when it hits your tongue?   The combination of the italian ice and custard makes the perfect dessert on these hot summer days.

I found this little shop in a strip mall in Costa mesa, CA.  When I wondered in, I was amazed at the amount of italian ice flavors they had. They are more than willing to let you taste any flavors you would like, of anything they serve.  Their italian ice is made with real fruit and syrup, the texture is like newly fallen snow, it just melts in your mouth.

Confetti MenuThe choices of combinations are endless, there are several custard flavors, plus sauces and then all the italian ice flavors.  They even have suggestions of combinations that once together, will taste like such things as peanut-butter and jelly, tiramisu and Reese’s.  So far, I haven’t tasted a flavor I don’t like.


Confetti watermelon + vanilla custardI chose the watermelon italian ice with the vanilla custard.  It was so refreshingly light yet, the custard is so creamy.  It reminded me of a Jolly Ranchers candy dipped in a rich vanilla ice cream.  It’s a great combination.

Confetti rootbeer flavor My other choice was the Root Beer with vanilla custard. Definitely a winner,  tastes like a root beer float.

I know this is silly but, they also have these really cool spoons that change color when they hit the cold ice.

 Give Confetti, Italian Ice and Custard a try.


Italian Ice & Custard

1175 Baker Street, Suite E-22

Costa Mesa, CA


Disclaimer:  I am not sponsored, affiliated, or compensated by Confetti.  I just really like their ices & custards and wanted you to know about them.

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