Coffee Bean Votives

Don’t you love the smell of coffee?

Coffee Votive

 I always take a deep breath when I walk by the coffee grinding machine at the grocery store.  And don’t get me started about the wonderful smell of coffee houses, especially like this adorable one that roasts its own beans.  Nothing is better than a freshly opened bag of coffee beans.  The smell is just heavenly.

 Is that weird?

I figured out how to get that beautiful smell right in my own home and at the same time freshen the air.  We all know that lit candles take odd smells out of the air for us, even the ones we can’t smell.  You know, the household smells we are accustom to, but guests can smell, we all have them!

Coffee Votives two

I found these adorable fluted brioche molds at World Market.  They are the perfect size for this easy peasey great smelling Coffee Bean Votive.

Just find a container you like, a mason jar, a coffee cup, a ramekin, anything that goes with your decor, fill it up with coffee beans and nestle the votive right in the center.  When you light the votive the warmth from the candle will send a subtle aroma of coffee that will waft around your home.  You can even use different flavor coffee beans for a change.  Hazelnut would be a great scent.  Espresso would be a stronger scent.

Coffee Votive frameWith all the upcoming holidays, tomorrow might be a great time to start using these cute Coffee Bean Votives.

Coffee Bean Votive Flame

Send me a picture of the Coffee Bean Votives you made.


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