poshmark, facebook. thredupA few weeks ago I was invited to a clothing exchange party.  Even though I was not able to attend, it got me thinking how badly I needed to clean out my closet of all the clothes stuffed in the back that I will never wear again.  That following weekend I was determined to get my closet in order and I did just that.  Before I knew it I had 2 quite large piles, one to donate and one to sell.  I put all the clothes in my car and drove to the consignment store I had previously gone to, when I arrived I saw that they had gone out of business.

I immediately Googled consignment clothes and online re-sale apps poped up.  After doing a bit of research I quickly realized how easy these apps are to use.

So far my favorite re-sale app sites are:

POSHMARK This app can be used with Your iPhone, iTouch, or iPad.   Just add your pictures set your price and your item is up for sale.

The RealReal is a luxury consignment site that consigns women and men’s luxury fashion, fine jewelry, watches, and fine art.

ThredUP they evaluate your clothes and they decide weather they will pay you upfront (Items listed under $60) or your items will be on consignment (items listed over $60).  They take the picture of the items and list them.  When your item sells they will pay you through Paypal.  If your items do not sell you must let them know if you want your items back or they will donate them for you.

There is also Tradesy & Depop

You can even find groups on Facebook.  Just search for Online Yard Sales in your area.  It’s perfect if you don’t want to deal with the post office and shipping of the item.  You just meet the person locally to do the exchange.  I would suggest meeting the person in a busy public place.

Make sure you read exactly how each of the online apps work and what percentage of the sale they will be charging you for the sale of your item.

In order to receive the highest amount you can for your item take a picture of the item against a neutral background.  Make sure the clothing is ironed.  Most charge between 30%-60% of the original price.

Hope this has inspired you to clean out your closet!

Until next time!