Christmas Time At Disneyland!

It’s The most wonderful time of the year.

 Christmas Time At Disneyland!Christmas Time At Disneyland

Disneyland anytime of the year is a magical place, but this time of year just has a little extra special feeling because of the beautiful Christmas transformation the park takes.  It’s definitely the merriest place on earth {besides the North Pole}!

Christmas Time At Disneyland



A Christmas Fantasy Parade –  This is an adorable parade really brings you into the Christmas spirit.  You need to check out the cute skating reindeer! And, of course the Disney princesses {my favorite}.



Christmas Time At Disneyland

It’s A Small World –  This ride is spectular at Chrismas inside and out {especially at night}

Christmas Time At Disneyland

Christmas Time At Disneyland


Hungry?  I bet you didn’t know you could get a lobster roll at Disneyland.  It’s located in this little blue fishing shack “Harbor Galley” near the exit of the Haunted Mansion.  This fluffy butter-toasted roll is filled with lobster salad. It the perfect thing to satisfy your hunger at lunch time. Thank goodness a friend told me about these or I would have never found them!Christmas Time At Disneyland




Christmas Time At Disneyland



If you havent tried one of this decadent treats you must!  It’s a Chocolate Peanut Butter Sandwich.  It is so very rich!  It’s a graham cracker coated in chocolate, a thick peanut butter layer over that, and then the whole thing dipped in chocolate once again, topped with peanut bits, salt, and a dark chocolate mickey!  It’s a cookie more than  sandwich.  Think Reese’s…DELICIOUS!

This year I have been lucky enough to visit Disneyland 3 times so far this holiday season and along the way I have learned some tips and tricks that I thought I should share with you.

Take your time walking through the park.  There are so may details you would miss if you were rushing around. Like the smell of gingerbread being piped in.  Pay attention to the amazing Christmas decor.  And, listen for the wonderful holiday music.

Grab a coffee and people watch.

Don’t miss the lighting of the Christmas tree, every day at 5:00pm.

It snows every evening on Main Street after the fireworks show.  It is truly magical {like everything else at Disneyland}

Even though it is busier during the Christmas season, Disneyland compensates with longer hours.

Don’t miss the Disney Chrismas Parade on TV Christmas morning.

Disneyland is open on Christmas Day {and it will be busy}!

Christmas Time At Disneyland



One of my favorite things to do on my way out of Disneyland is stop by New Orleans Street and go get a bag of delicious warm beignet all covered in powdered sugar for the walk back to the car!


Christmas Time At Disneyland




Even in the pouring down rain this place is magical!



**Christmas season at Disneyland runs until January 8, 2017.

**Always check the Entertainment Schedule prior your visit for specifics.


*This was not a sponsored post.


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  1. Laura says:

    Three times this season… How fun!

    Your timing is perfect because we are going on Wednesday with my nieces. Thanks for all the good advice!

  2. Suzanne Stavert says:

    Loved this! We have not been in years! I promise myself that I will go next year at Christmas. When the kids were little, we had passes and went all the time. Christmas was my favorite. You like the same food as me. NO I did not know they had lobster rolls!

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