A Change of Seasons

Living in Southern California, and not having a change of seasons in this part of the country, I’ve never had to move out the fall/winter clothes for spring/summer clothes in my closet.  Recently, I was talking to a friend on the East Coast who has to do just that.  She explained how she loved changing her closet for the seasons because it made her feel like she was getting a new wardrobe.  Her makeup choices changed with her wardrobe changes, which made her feel like she was getting a make over.

Then I started thinking about my home. (As some of you know, my home experienced a large slab leak right before the holidays and the downstairs area of my home is pretty torn up.}  After speaking to my friend, I decided to give the areas of the home we are currently living in a bit of a sprucing up.  A mini make over of sorts.  Then I started thinking, wouldn’t is be great if all our homes had a different “wardrobe” for the change of seasons?

Here are some of the items I will be adding.

A Change of Seasons

1. Wayfair Magnolia Leaf Wreath $139.00 What a perfect way to welcome guests.

Pottery Barn Kendra trellis Duvet Cover $39 – $135 Navy is the perfect winter color.

Anthropologie You Cook, I’ll Clean Dishtowels $42.00 How cute are these?

Pier 1 Cotton Velvet Runched Pillow $ 34.95 I want a few of these.

Restoration Hardware Luxe Faux Fur Throw Wolf 50″ X 60″ $99.00 For the cool nights.

L.L. Bean Ultra-Absorbent Monogram Cotton Towels $14.95 – $34.95 Love!

There is nothing like a few quick changes around your home to make it feel new.

Until next time…

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  1. Ruth Curran says:

    I love the concept of changing things out seasonally. I too live in Southern California and I think I miss the switching out my clothing — in theory. I like changes better!

  2. Nancy Hill (@Nerthus) says:

    I don’t do this as much for my home as I did when my kid was little and seasonal decoration changed with the next major kid-approved Holiday on the horizon. I like subtle changes that are mainly just to make me smile.

  3. Suzanne Stavert says:

    The only thing I do that is seasonal is decorate with Fall Decorations and Christmas decorations. I did so much more when the kids were younger. I love that throw from Restoration! I need one asap!

  4. Cheryl Nicholl says:

    My mother used to change the house as the seasons changed- new slipcovers, pillows, sheets, towels, accessories, even dishes! I’ve followed her lead and really look forward to the ‘spruce-up’ every season.

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