Getting Ready For Next Christmas

Do you love Christmas time, but hate all the stress that comes along with it? Just take a look at a few of my stress saving tips that will give you all the time you want to enjoy the wonderfulness of the Christmas season.

Why Autumn Is So Awesome!

Happy Autumn! Today on this first day of Autumn, I thought I’d share with you why Autumn is so awesome and why it’s my favorite season of the year.   Life starts all over again when it gets crisp in...

Favorite Buys

Sometimes my favorite buys are not items I bought at all. Sometimes my favorite buys are items I received as a gift. Just they same they are my favorite!

Favorite Buys

Do you ever find yourself taking stock of your most recent purchases?  I can go days without ever pulling the “card” out of my wallet, then all of a sudden everywhere I turn, I’m handing that “card” out right and...

Simple Moments

It is my choice to look out for the simple moments that we all have daily. I know sometimes it is difficult to stop for a moment in our busy day to day lives so I've compiled ten simple moments that make me smile.