Friday Five

Today Friday Five is all about make-up. My five most important beauty tips. I'll also be sharing the five make-up trends I will never be doing!

Get Your Lipstick to Stay On

Want great makeup at a reasonable price? You need to check out ColourPop's popping colour. Every product I have tried so far has been great and they always send me codes for a % off my purchase.

Pop of Colour with ColourPop

Looking for Makeup that has great colors, great prices, and you never have to leave home? Then you need ColourPop in your life! I had been hearing about this makeup line for some time now and decided to give it...

Goodbye Old Makeup

Is it time to toss all the old makeup that is taking up room in your makeup bag? With this guide, you will know what to continue to use & what to toss.

Kissable Lips

Want Kissable lips? Have I got the product for you. It leaves you lips silky smooth so your gloss or lipsticks goes on smooth and lasts longer.

My New Makeup Favs

Lately, every time I walk in to Sephora I walk out with a bag full of makeup! What is it about girls and makeup?  I always feel the need to buy the latest thing to find my new makeup favs....