California Chic Home Tour

Have you ever just walked in to a home that was so beautiful it took your breath away? I’m not talking about the largest home you have seen or the most elaborate home.  I’m talking just a beautiful decorated home with the same style carried in every room, every detail!  I think for most people who love to decorate, this is the ultimate goal, to have a beautiful style carried throughout our home. I am going to share with you a home tour I had the pleasure of being invited to recently.

This is the most amazing kitchen; I was moved by its charm from the moment I walked in, I was taken by the delicate chandelier hanging over the sink of the beautifully framed window.  I love the French inspired open shelving.  Wouldn’t it be great to have a window behind the stove, like in this magnificent kitchen? All the wonderful cooking aromas would make your neighbors wonder what you were making?  The hood is such a presence of elegance with the fleur de lis ornament.  Couldn’t you see yourself making napoleons for dessert?

When I first walked in to this master bath all I wanted to do was get into the claw foot tub and take a bubble bath.  The chandeliers add a romantic touch to this beautiful space.  I could just imagine how beautiful the room is in the evening, lit by only candles.

I found this chair in the daughter’s bedroom, which has hand painted walls of beautiful flowers that transports you to another time.

I love how the yard is divided in to several conversation areas, this makes it a  wonderful party area for small gatherings and large parties.  The day I was there it was a very cold, rainy day, well cold for California, we are wimps here.

I hope you enjoyed this beautiful home tour~

Thank you to the Jones family for inviting me in to their magnificent home and allowing me to share it with all of you.

Disclaimer:  I am not sponsored by The Jones Family. I am just a girl who likes beautiful homes and are giving you an intimate look in to their world.


  1. Scentsy Katie says:

    This is beautiful! You don’t see many homes these days use the old classic ways of decorating and they brought it into every aspect of this house. Glad they are keeping the traditions alive.

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