Blackberry & Gruyere Panini

Do you ever have those times when you are hungry, but are too lazy to cook something on the stove because you would have to clean a pan?  You open the fridge what seems like a million times expecting each time you open it, there to be something different.  I felt like that this weekend.



So I decided to make a sandwich, but then I thought…this would taste much better grilled…a panini (so, I ended up dirtying a pan anyways).  It was worth the clean up time.  The is something magical when cheese and fruit is combined together with fresh baked french bread and made in to a panini.  It’s just so yummy!



This panini is so very easy.

Cut a loaf of french bread into slices.

Heat up a grill pan.

Mash blackberries in a bowl.

Slice Gruyere cheese.

Put a slice of bread on the grill pan, then a slice of cheese and a tablespoon of blackberries, topped by a leaf of fresh basil and another slice of cheese.

Place the second slice of bread on the cheese and turn sandwich over to grill the other side.

When cheese has melted it’s ready to eat!






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