The Avocado Bagel ~ The 5 minute breakfast

In honor of Cinco De Mayo I’m sharing one of my favorite breakfast of all time!  It’s simple, it’s nutritious, and it’s delicious!

I love having it for breakfast, but it also makes the perfect afternoon snack!

My friends, I am pleased to introduce

my Avocado Bagel!

The Avocado Bagel

…and this is how I make this heavenly treat for my taste buds! Once you try it you’re going to want to eat it everyday.  Thank goodness it’s avocado season!

The Avocado Bagel I mash together avocados, lime juice, a bunch of cilantro, salt, pepper, and a green onion, optional (especially if you’re having it for breakfast).

The Avocado Bagel

Simple, right?

Then, I toast my bagel and smear a large helping of avocado mixture on both halves of the bagel.

The Avocado Bagel

Then I top it all off with thin cut quartered radishes and a bit more cilantro.

Side Note: When I was young my mom would make small knife cuts in a circular pattern all over a radish and throw the all the cut radishes in ice-cold water. Within an hour or so the cut area would open up and the radish would look like a rose.  My mom would garnish all holiday dishes with these rose looking radishes.  They were so pretty and such a wonderful childhood memory of mine.  I might just start making those pretty radish roses to garnish my cinco de may table!

Have fun and be safe out there!


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16 thoughts on “The Avocado Bagel ~ The 5 minute breakfast”

  1. Avocado toast has to be one of my most favorite things! I have never put it on a bagel, but I just know this has to be amazing! Have you ever tried doing this on top of hummus? It is scrumptious!!

  2. I love avocado and can have literally with everything. I make a similar mixture for guacamole but I never though to put it on the bagel and have it for breakfast. Great idea. Thanks

  3. I’m one of those people that everybody looks at me like I have 3 heads when I say I don’t like avocado. With Caribbean parents I grew up with avocados always around and NEVER liked them but everyone else in my family does. My mom and my sister would go ga ga for this!

    1. Hi Chef, When I was young my Nonna had 2 two huge avocado trees in her yard and my family had them at every meal. I was like you, I hated them! Then for some reason a few years ago I had some on a sandwich and I fell in love.

  4. We love avocados, especially during summer. Thanks for this recipe, a new way to enjoy our avocados.

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