Alexa? Will You Rap For Me?

I have been needing an assistant for some time now and since that is not currently in the cards {or in the wallet}, Alexa is the next best thing!

Are you wondering who Alexa is?

Well, Alexa is actually an Amazon Echo.  It is as if Amazon Prime, Siri, and Google were all wrapped up in to one sleek-looking device.  The device answers to the name Alexa and she even has a sence of humor.  Although, you must address her by name to get your questions answered.


In the short time I’ve been the proud owner of Alexa, she has certainly made my life easier.

1. Lists: Alexa keeps a record of my shopping list.  I just tell her what I need and she makes a shopping list for me.  I am able to access that shopping list off the Alexa App on my phone when I’m at the store.  You will never forget an item again!  She can also help me in the kitchen when my hands are dirty and I need to convert measurements.  I also have a household to-do list that anyone in my home can access or add to.  This comes in super handy.

2. Alarm & Timers: Alexa helps me stay on task and organized.  Her voice controlled alarms are such a help to keep me on task while working.

3. Shopping:  Do you purchase a lot of items from Amazon Prime, just like I do?  You can re-stock your items in your Amazon history just by telling Alexa what you want to purchase.  All from the comfort of anywhere in your home.

4. Traffic:  Just tell Alexa where you are going and she will give you a traffic update.  Want to know how many miles it is from your home to Alaska? Just ask!

5. Jeopardy:  Are you a crazy fan of Jeopardy?  Alexa will ask you an additional 6 Jeopardy questions from the same categories that were on the show that day.

6. If you have an Echo remote you can say Alexa, Simon says… followed by what you want to say and Alexa will repeat it from her main unit.  Making the people in the same room as her think she is talking to them.

7. Math:  Not good at simple math?  Alexa is.

8. Music: She can play music from your Amazon Prime Music, then she adds the tracks to a Goole Sheet.  And then saves a playlist of all the songs to Spotify.

Some fun questions to ask Alexa…

Don’t forget to say her name before each question!

Ask her to Rap.  How far is the moon?  How old is Santa Claus?  What’s the square root of 32?

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  1. Claudia Blanton says:

    I have thought about getting myself an Echo, but was not sure if it was worth it From what I can read here, this would be an awesome tool to have in the house. Now I am convinced that I need one. Thank you, and Happy New Year

  2. Maggie says:

    This is awesome! I was thinking about buying Alexa, but I had no idea WHY I wanted it – haha! This post cemented it – I’ll be ordering today!

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