A Romantic Evening In

a romantic evening in

Valentine’s Day has been a favorite holiday of mine ever since I was a little girl.  There is just something I can not resist about love, hearts, and romance.

I love going out on date night with Handsome, getting all dressed up and looking forward to a wonderful evening.  Except on Valentine’s Day.  It is one of the few days I won’t go out to dinner!  I’m sure you’ve guess I prefer to cook at home on Valentine’s Day.  Why? 

Here are my top 3 reasons:

  1. Most nicer restaurants have a set menu (I can’t get what I want).
  2. It’s so busy I always feel like I’m being rushed by the wait staff.
  3. The food is mediocre and restaurants raise the cost of the champagne. It becomes so expensive I feel guilty about ordering more than one glass.

a romantic evening in

Those reasons are exactly why I love a romantic evening in on Valentine’s Evening!

Here’s how to make it your best Valentine’s Day without go to a restaurant for dinner.  With a little preparation, imagination, and love in your heart.

Start the day by leaving a romantic note on his bathroom mirror.  It will set the tone for the day and the anticipation for the romantic evening to come.

Select a menu that can be prepared in advance or finger foods, like these or these.  It’s always fun to feed each other.

Make sure you have candles on hand and wine (or his favorite beverage).

Have a slumber party. Get matching PJ’s for the both of you.  Set a blanket on the living room floor and dim the lights.

Remove the cell phones from the room!  Nothing is more unromantic than getting a text, notification, or a call.

And don’t forget to make a play list of romantic love songs.


My Top Fifteen Picks:

The Way You Look Tonight ~ Frank Sinatra

Have I Told You Lately That I Love You ~ Rod Stewart

Crazy Little Thing Called Love ~ Queen

Isn’t She Lovely ~ Stevie Wonder

You’ve Hot That Loving Feeling ~ The Righteous Brothers

All I Do Is dream Of You ~ Michael Bublé

The Power Of Love ~ Celine Dion

I Will Always Love You ~ Dolly Pardon

At Last ~ Etta James

Greatest Love Of All ~ Whitney Houston

Can’t Help Falling In Love ~ Elvis Presley

I Think I Love You ~ The Partridge Family

I Can’t Stop Loving You ~ Ray Charles

I’ll Make Love To You ~ Boyz ll Men

Endless Love ~ Diana Ross & Lionel Richie

The key to a romantic evening in is being flexible.  Enjoy every moment together!

Happy Valentine’s Evening!

a romantic evening in




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  1. marvina says:

    Great idea. I think this would be great to do like once or twice a month, or in my case, once a week to show my husband I appreciate him since we have a toddler.

  2. yue says:

    I totally agree, going out for valentines day feels somewhat overrated to me, we cant really behave as we would in private (Not that we behave totally inappropriate all the time in private but you get it… ) and its just so much more affectionate and intimate to stay in. Great post!

  3. Kimberly @ Berly's Kitchen says:

    Staying in is something my husband and I do for most of our date nights. It’s so much less expensive and less stressful than going out for dinner. I love your picks for songs! Very sweet and romantic.

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