5 Ways To Survive A Long Flight

5 ways to survive a long flight

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Taking a long flight soon? Here are 5 easy essential things you can do to make your flight a little more comfortable and still have your sanity intact.

I’ve been on some long flights in my time, but my first flight with a large airline was probably my most memorable.  I was 22 and traveling by myself from Los Angeles to Amsterdam.  I had never been on a large plane (only a 4 seater plane a few months prior to this flight) and I was scared.  My parents dropped me off at LAX and my boyfriend at the time met me there.  He oddly brought me a dozen of beautiful red roses that I ended up giving to my Mom as they would not have survived the plane ride. It was a nice thought, though!  I boarded the fight. My palms sweating and heart racing a million miles a minute.  I found my seat and never got up again until the plane landed!  That flight was 14 hours long.

Get The Best Seat

Booking your tickets early is the best chance of scoring your prime seat! Window seat, aisle seats and exit rows are typically considered to be the bests seats.

Noise Canceling Headphones

Escape the mundane noises of the flight by bringing headphones that cancel out all noise except what you choose to listen to.  You can get work done while you’re sitting there for hours, but who wants to check emails and work for more than a couple of hours?  You can totally escape by burning a few hours away with your favorite Hollywood movie with no outside distractions!  And once you’re done with the movie have several of your favorite podcasts waiting for you.

Dress Properly

Keep your clothes loose and comfortable.  Pack some collapsible slippers to change into once you’re in the air.

Move Your Body And H2o

Unlike me, you should not sit in your seat for 14 hours straight. We all know that sitting for hours on end is not healthy for our bodies.  Fight off deep vein thrombosis by stretching and walking around the cabin as much as possible.  Drink up! Fight off dehydration by regularly drinking water.  Remember, alcohol also causes dehydration.

Request A Special Meal

On international flights meals are usually free.  The benefits?  Your “special” meal is usually far superior to what everyone else is served and you will get served first.

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  1. Stephanie Eiler says:

    These are great tips!!! Flying is not one of my favorite things to do….I definitely agree that comfy clothes is a MUST. I also liked your tip on bringing water on the flight. This is something I always forgot but wish that I had!!

  2. Jojo Hua says:

    This is really useful for the flights I’ve got coming up! I definitely need to remember to drink more water during the flight. I always forget!

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