15 Ways To Improve Your Blog

Update old post with new photos and a fresh take on the information.

Change your sidebar with new photos and information.

  1. If using the Yoast SEO Plugin make sure all your posts have a green light.
  2. Leave comments on others social media accounts & blog pages.
  3. Update your profile picture and “About Me” page.
  4. Plan a month worth of blog posts.
  5. Be more active on Social Media and follow new accounts.
  6. Add long Pinterest photos to all your older blog posts.
  7. Go through old posts to see if there are any new posts you can link to.
  8. Feature old posts on your social media accounts.
  9. Take your own stock photos so you have them on hand.
  10. Update you blog post titles using key words.
  11. Engage your readers by adding a “call to action” at the end of each post.
  12. Make sure all you blog post comply with the FTC policy.
  13. Join a local blogging group and brainstorm with other bloggers.
  14.  Develop and editorial calendar.
  15. Link new blog posts to your archive posts.

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