10 Ways To Beat The Heat

There are some people who enjoy the intense heat and love the hot sun beating down on them.  I’m not one of those people. I tend to hide inside when the intense heat of summer comes upon us.  No matter where you fall in this heat spectrum everyone needs ways to cool down.

10 ways to beat the heat

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When the heat rises here are some ways to chill out that do not involve blasting your air conditioner.

1. Eat Cool Foods

Fruits like watermelon contain 92% water for each bite you take. This water consumption aids in helping your body cool down.  Eat plenty of fresh fruits and green veggies to help your body deal with the excessive heat.

2. Coconut Water

We all know to drink water to stay hydrated, but did you know that coconut water has essential cooling properties that cool you from the inside out.

3.Take A Bath

Taking a cool bath with Epsom salts can cool you down and relax you all at the same time.

4. Close Your Blinds

When you know it’s going to be a scorcher outside make sure you keep your blinds closed.  The sunshine beating through your windows all day can increase the temperature inside your home to hotter than it is outside.  In the evening open the blinds and the windows to let the cool evening air in.

5. Reverse The Directions Of Your Ceiling Fans

Having your ceiling fans spin counter clockwise in the summer months will force the air down and will achieve a wind chill effect which in turn will make you feel cooler.

6. Eat Small Meals

When you eat a large meal your body heats up durning the metabolic process.  By eating a small meal your body does not work as hard to process the meal and in turn does not heat up quite as much.

7. Drink Tea

Chinese Ancient medicinal science has long talked about the effect that Chrysanthemum Tea has as a coolant for the body.  Drink a cup of this golden tea and cool down a little.

8. One Cucumber To Eat & One Cucumber For Your Eyes

Like watermelon, cucumbers are made up of mostly water.  Eating them can cool you down as well as cutting them and placing the refrigerated cucumber slices over your eyes.  This will bring down the temperature of your body.

9. Cotton

Wear light colors clothes that are made of cotton or linen fabric.  These fabrics are breathable and will keep you cooler in the scorching sun.

10. Hydrate, Hydrate, Hydrate!

I can’t stress enough how important water is to keeping your body cool.  Yes, an ice cold macchiato sounds delicious on a summer day when the temperature is well over 90 degrees, but nothing will do more for your body than a large glass of water.  So drink up and cool down!

What do you do to cool down in the heat of summer?

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