10 Products That Have Made Being Home Bearable

In this unprecedented time that we are currently living in, I have found certain products are making myself and my families lives a bit easier, a bit more normal.  So, I’ve rounded up my favorite 10 products that have helped make this current situation easier.

  1. Normally I’m not the subscription type person.  I’m more of the I like to hold it in my hand before I buy it person.  But, during this little extended home stuff it’s nice to have the items come to me.  I like having packages come in the mail, I feel like a little kid waiting for the mail man to bring me a letter.  Boy, I digressed!                                                 Beauty Box: BOXYCHARM $25.00. Each box contains 5 full size products.  Everything from eyeshadow to beauty tools.
  2. I read recently that most people are deficient in vitamin D.  It’s not a vitamin that I normally take so I ordered these and I’m liking them.  VITAMIN D3 According to Healthline.com:  Research has shown that vitamin D might play an important role in regulating mood and warding off depression. In one study, scientists found that people with depression who received vitamin D supplements noticed an improvement in their symptoms.
  3. Candles have always been a huge thing for me and now more than ever!  On most days I have one lit.  This is my favorite brand SIDEWALK CANDLE CO.  They have the most adorable colored matches in  the cutest bottle with a cork lid.  It makes the perfect gift set when paired with one of their beautiful smelling candles. The perfect gift to send to a friend to cheer up their day!  HOME-X $10.95
  4. And when I want the scent of my candle all day I place it on a coffee cup warmer and my house smells like heaven without even a flame!
  5. This has made weekends in a pure joy. CUISINART Frozen Yogurt, Ice Cream, and Sorbet Maker.  We all look forward to making our own ice cream on the weekends and everyone get the flavor they want!
  6. THESE bed sheets are so comfortable.  I normally use the RH bed sheets, but someone told me these are just as comfortable for a quarter of the price.  So, I gave them a try and oh my gosh they are so comfortable I ended up buying them for all the beds in our house. by MELLANNI. King Size $32.97
  7. I’ve been on the computer non-stop so these 2 pack blue light blocking glasses have come in so handy. LIVHO $17.98
  8. We were looking for something to clean our windows that didn’t use chemicals and we found these on Amazon. E-CLOTH $16.29 Microfiber glass scrubbing cloth & polishing cloth that only uses water to clean your windows.  It works!
  9. Since I been cooking 3 meals a day for the last who know how many days, this non-stick silicone pad is essential!  There is no waste of foil or parchment paper and they are so easy to clean!  The baked on stuff slides right off. SILPAT $22.95
  10. And last but not least…I know for most of us our purses haven’t seen the light of day in months, but when I saw this cross body bag I just couldn’t resist it!  I know at some point things will get back to normal! Right? SG SUGU $19.85

So there you have it my 10 products that have made my life bearable!

What are your favorite 10 products that you just started using since the stay at home order?

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